Parish Summer Gathering – BBQ

Saturday 23 June 2018

Yet another fabulous evening with family, friends and the wider community for the parish summer BBQ.

A merry band of helpers got together on the Saturday morning to erect the huge gazebo, not in case it rained but to keep cool in the evening sunshine that was expected. Bacon and sausage buns and mugs of tea and coffee were handed round to sustain the helpers in their work. Tables were bedecked with small vases of flowers and everything was ready to go. Oh boy did we have some sunshine!

Paul Whittle and Ben Everitt flicked and cooked beefburger and sausages on the giant BBQ – apparently a popular brand of beer cools the coals with the alcohol being burnt
off and just the flavour left – genius.

Everyone brought salads and puddings, fresh bread rolls had been bought from a local baker, picnic chairs and blankets to sit on the grassy banks around the Terrace, children played on the lower lawn and grown-ups settled themselves down in the warmth of the evening sun to chat and catch up.

There was no charge for the BBQ but a raffle was held to raise funds for the Princethorpe War Memorial Fundraising Appeal. Prizes came out of nowhere – a beautiful hanging basket stuffed with summer plants, boxes of toiletries, wine and a smart child’s jacket from A J Saddlery and Country Clothing, Southam owned by our parishioners Tony and Jane Phayer. This prize was won by one of our parishioner’s daughters who was visiting from the US – now that must also be the most far flung prize to be carried away!

The evening closed with the last few parishioners enjoying well earned mugs of tea no less – enough food and drink having been consumed – funny how a mug of tea always hits the spot at the end of a long evening!

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