In Memoriam and Anniversaries

Fred and Laurie Spears

Mr and Mrs Spears

Laurie and Fred 16 May 2017

Fred and Laurie  moved into the parish on 8 December 1999. Their daughter and son-in-law (Loretta and Paul Curtis) had suggested that the three generations of the family purchase a house in Stretton on Dunsmore earlier in the year. So the family home in Solihull and Loretta and Paul’s house in Rugby were subsequently sold and the new house, following extensive refurbishment, became the home for Fred, Laurie, Paul, Loretta and their two sons, James and Michael.

Fred was born and brought up in Birmingham; Laurie or Loretta to give her full name was born in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. Fred and Laurie met in a Birmingham pub one night in 1946, both with separate groups of friends and they got chatting. They married at the Holy Family Church in Small Heath, Birmingham and later bought a house in Solihull and went on to have the one child, Loretta.

Fred passed away in December 2006 and Laurie in April 2008. They was staunch supporters of the parish and indeed they reserved a plot in Princethorpe College cemetery almost as soon as they arrived. Laurie was well known for her planning!

Watch over us Fred and Laurie from your Heavenly home